Sunday, September 18, 2011


Just a quick one to let you know I joined up with This looks to be a great social photography site kind of like Flickr but generally much higher quality of images which makes the viewing experience much more interesting.

As I've only just joined I only have a few images up so far, but drop by and check it out. There are some seriously amazing photographs on there.

Favorite photography podcasts

Thought I would give a quick mention to a few of my favorite photography related podcasts.
These are a great way to learn about photography and keep up with the latest news, issues, tips and just general geeking out about photography. The great thing is you can listen while your on the go. I'm always listening during the drive to and from work, during editing and even in bed before going to sleep.

For those who don't know, podcasts are like free radio programs (many also have video) available from iTunes or directly from the various photographers web sites etc..

Just download and sync with your iPhone or what ever mp3 player you may have, or just listen/watch on your pc. You can also subscribe to the shows so that every time you sync your iPhone etc.. with iTunes the new shows will automatically be downloaded and copied to your phone ready to listen to anytime.

Ok so here's the list starting with video podcasts or "Vodcasts"

Adorama TV:
Great for gear reviews and tips etc..

D Town TV: Probably "the go to" for photography shows. Always entertaining and educational. Hosted by Rafael "RC" Concepcion and Larry Becker..

Chase Jarvis Photography:
Such a creative and awesome photographer. Chase shows his gear, technique and talks to fellow artists.

Critique & Technique for photographers:
Never have I learnt so much about critiquing photos than from this show. Very educational and pretty damn funny at times. Unfortunately I think not in production anymore. But theres quite a few there to watch anyway.

The Grid: A little like D Town TV but mostly just discussing whats going on in the world of photography. Hosted by Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski

Lightroom Killer Tips:
So much great free info and tips about using Lightroom with Matt Kloskowski.
There is a separate show of course for Photoshop but as I don't need to use that program as much as Lightroom I don't bother watching it.

TWIT Photo:
Run by Leo Leporte. There is already a TWIP (This week in Photo) which has been around for ages so I don't know why TWIT (This week in Tech) decided to make a video version but its pretty good anyway.

Audio Podcasts

Tips from the top floor:
The longest running photography podcast (I'm pretty sure) now up to 500+ episodes and hosted by Chris Marquardt. Lots of great tips, pholosiphy and general geekery. Great!

TWIP (This week in Photo)
Probably the 2nd oldest photography podcast after Chris Marquardt's show. TWIP is hosted by Fredrick Van Johnson and 3 or 4 other hosts. Great for photography news but recently they go on too much with advertising and sponsors talk.

The Pro Photo Show:
Gavin Seim hosts this all pro photography talk show. Not for beginners and just chatting and rants about all things pro photography. Great show!

Photo Focus:
Scott Bourne runs this all beginners ~ advanced photography Q & A podcast. Love this show and learn something new pretty much every episode.

Martin Bailey Photography podcast:
Hosted by my mate Martin from here in Japan. He talks about his landscape and nature photography. Also covers tips and techniques. His podcast is also an "enhanced podcast" meaning he you can see the images he's talking about as the show is running even though its an audio podcast. Visit Martin's site here.

The Photo Mojo Show:
Run by a couple of my friends Mitch and Willis in Brisbane, Australia. They talk all things photography, new gear and the like. I was a guest on a few of their earlier episodes.

So that rounds up just a few of the photography podcasts I frequently listen to everyday. There are lots of other great ones more on just specific areas of photography but these are for the most part general all around photography talk.

If you have others you think are worth a mention please tell us in the comments section below.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fun with color contacts

I had always wanted to try some freaky looking contact lenses so finally decided to just do it and ordered a pair from in the UK.

Having never used contacts before I was a bit freaked out myself at the thought of sticking something in my eyes. After watching several YouTube videos on how to put them in I was feeling somewhat confident at it could do it without any troubles. Oh boy was I wrong.
It took me a good 15 minutes of trying to get the things in. But eventually with blood shot eyes and lots of frustration I managed.

They took some getting used to at first but were comfortable enough after a few minutes.

Here's some shots I took with my iPhone and from at good friend Chris Wilson's studio.

Other photography by Chris Wilson and Michael Taylor.
Thanks chaps!

By me with iPhone and Hipstermatic.

By Michael Taylor. Playing around with a few props I got for the shoot.

Another one I came up with on the iPhone 4.

By Chris Wilson. Fun to try being on the other side of the camera for a change!

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shooting Star trails and night photography

I often get questions about shooting night photography of stars and startrails and I recently came across this guy who does some amazing work with just that. His name is Ben Canales and here's a getting started tutorial for star photography.

Landscape Astrophotography Tutorial - First Night Out from Ben Canales on Vimeo.

Here's a sample of his amazing photography.

Crater Lake Under the Stars from Ben Canales on Vimeo.

Check out more of his work at
Hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration to get out and try star photography yourself.

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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Linkdelight review (Canon 5DmkII 4gb USB drives)

I have been using for several years now. They are a Chinese company based near Hong Kong and sell all sorts of photographic goods from studio lighting right down to camera toys, and usually for prices almost too good to be true.
Unfortunately the service from this company ranges from bad to horrible. Firstly the packages I order from them in China often take a month to arrive (I am living in Okinawa, Japan which is pretty close!) to me, where as packages I order from the U.S and the U.K etc.. usually arrive within one business week. How can this be?

I recently ordered a good size package of photo related items for my fellow photographers at my company and was very disappointed to see that all the items were pretty dirty looking. They were covered in some kind of dust, boxes appeared to be in used condition and some items did not even work. Such as the Canon 5D mkII 4gb USB drive I made a video review of above. They asked me to send them images of the items which I did and they lost. So I sent them again along with this video which they also asked me to make.

I will not be recommending Linkdelight to my fellow photographers in the future unfortunately unless they can improve their horrible business skills and service.