Friday, August 22, 2008

Quick Soma seaside camp trip

im doing pee pee!

Was able to take 3 days off for Summer holidays. Yes thats right! 3 full days combined with one of my regular days off so 4 all together. So the 3 of us decided we should get away at least for a night camping somewhere. We figured it would be the most fun for Jet if we could get over to the ocean so he can play in the sand, swiming etc.

We stayed in a sweet camp spot called Harumachi Seaside park in MinamiSoma. Pretty much right on the beach. They want about 3000yen per night if your happy to park your car and take all your stuff to the camp site yourself. Or for a bit extra you can get a spot where your able to drive your car right up to your camp area and do it that way. We didnt have that much heavy gear to cart so we opted for the cheaper one. Which turned out was pretty much as close to the beach as you can get without camping on the sand.

After setting up the tent, downing a few quick beers of course, we wondered over to the beach for a play and relax. The weather was great! nice and warm and very sunny so it made for some contrasty beach shots with a nice blue sky. Haruna & Jet enjoyed playing in the water while I opted to sit on the beach with my beer, new Canon 30D and my 70-200 f2.8 L and snap away a few fun shots of the family and the local tallent 8)

Once night came and after getting back to the camp area from getting lost driving into town to do some shopping Haruna cooked up a huge feast for us. Unfortunatly the nice weather turned to crap. The wind picked right up and started bucketing down so we had to eat in the cold at a little picnic table. The rain kept up all night and the next day. Luckely our newish trekking tent was fairly water resistant and did a pretty good job at keeping the rain out unlike a previous camping/climbing trip to Nagano with a borrowed tent and waking up in the middle of the night floating in 1~2cm of water.

Jet & Mummy playing in the water

First thing in the morning we packed it all up as fast as we could, still in the pouring down rain and headed to Maccas for breakfast before heading home to relax and clean up all our wet shit. So this has been Jets third camping trip now and the 3rd time its been raining for him 8( . Hopfully next time we can get lucky with the weather!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My new toy review. Playstation 3

Howdy yall! Untill recently the latest new toy I've been playing with has been my iPod touch which is a fantastic little device. Im sure the Iphone is also and for sale at under 300 bucks here in Japan deffinatly worth getting but I think I'll wait till next year when the hdd's are bigger and better batteries.
Anyway on to my latest toy. I recently made some nice sales on eBay with some camera gear exports so decided it was about time to finally get my self a Playstation 3. I got the 40gb version which sells here in Japan for 38000yen which is about $380au.

I have the ps3 connected by HDMI to my 42inch Hitachi Woo plasma tv and sound via tosslink optical cable to a Yamaha amp running to a 5.1 surround setup. The picture and sound is just amazing after playing ps2 for so long. The only game I bought with it was Call of Duty 4 and its just amazing hearing all the bullets flying around you and when the fighter jets fly from the front to back its pure ear candy!

The other great thing about the ps3 is that its now able to play divX movies. I.e all them videos on your pc in avi, mpg format. So I just plug an external hard drive into one of the ports on the ps3 and browse through the drive from the ps3's menu to view movies, music and photos etc.
The ps3 can also be used to surf the web but without a keyboard or a mouse its rather slow and annoying trying to navigate with a remote controll or the sixaxis game controller.

Overall im very impressed with it so far. Now I just need to import some english games to play on it. e. g GTA 4!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Animoto automated photo video/slideshows

hey Everyone! just had a quick play at
they create amazing slideshows from your photos automatically. heres a quick and nasty sample i made from some drifting shots i took at Ebisu circuit here in Fukushima.

For new drifting photos and more come see me on Flickr at