Thursday, November 18, 2010

Where do I shop for camera gear??

I get a lot of questions about where I buy my "cheap" camera accessories from. I recently posted on Facebook but I will go into a little more detail on here for my loyal readers (if

Ok so most of the time I use out of Hong Kong. They have quite a variety of interesting aftermarket stuff on there. And often times interesting little bits that you may have never seen before.
The main attraction being the price! In a lot of cases you get what you pay for of course but then there are things like the 5 in 1 80cm reflector which sells for like $9! The same thing here at one of the major camera stores would set you back at least 10X that price.

So in the shot above you can see my latest order that just came in. I'm still waiting on a couple of carbon fiber tripods and some other bits and pieces also.

The latest package brought me the Canon 70-200 f4 and 24-105 f4 lens coffee Thermos's or mugs. These work great and only cost about $10~$15 or so. I've collected the whole set now for Canon and Nikon. What a geek! haha.
Under the mugs is a 850nm IR filter I ordered for a friend. Looks totally opaque to the naked eye. Should be interesting to try some inferred photography with it ($20). Then theres an LCD timer remote cable for time lapse photography and all sorts of stuff. Just like Canon's expensive one but again $30. Next is probably my favorite little toy from the bunch. Its an old school split screen focusing screen like in the old manual cameras, but this ones for my Canon 5D mkII. I just put it in and it works like a charm. I always missed having this kind of focusing screen and now its possible again for about $20.

And lastly just to use as maybe stocking suffers for any Canon geeks this Christmas I got a few Canon 7D notepads. They are only like 3 or 4 bucks each and look pretty cool and original.

On the downside Linkdelight does take generally 2 to 3 weeks to deliver the goods and some of the things like the really cheap ball heads can be pretty much useless as they just don't work well enough or don't have the strength to hold up much.

One last item I highly recommend from them are the radio triggers for getting your "Strobist" on and firing those speedlites wirelessly to a range of about 30m. They are way cheaper than Pocket Wizards and I have had very little problems with them so far. So there you go, that's where I do most of my online shopping. But do be warned! It can be addictive! So if you visit you may find that shopping cart filling up pretty damn quickly! If you have any more questions feel free to ask in the comments below or shoot me a mail.

Just bought the new 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

So here's my new ride! woohoo!! In the last year I've been enjoying bikes more again. I grew up riding trail bikes for years but then there was a big gap where I didn't have a bike but was having fun with other motor sports, Drifting, racing etc.. When I moved to Okinawa back in may I got my bike license and bought myself the Suzuki `Skywave 250 scooter which you can see in earlier blog entries. But recently decided to get a sport bike. Had a bit of a look around at various models but decided on the new 250R Ninja. So I traded in my Skywave and got a pretty good price for it as I kept it in good condition. Forked out a little more money and ordered my 2011 black Ninja which should be arriving to the island from the mainland in a week or so. Anyway I will of course be posting photos and maybe a video or 2 once it arrives. 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Photo Q&A: Which camera? Canon 1DmkIII or 5DmkII?

Hello Pete, you've been an huge inspiration to me in my photography. In fact your one of two of my favorite Flickr photographers. Now, im in need of your advice in choosing a new DSLR and since you've experience with 2 of my choices i'd like to ask you which you think i would need more. I'm currently torn between 2 cameras: 5dmkII and 1dMKIII. I know someone who is selling their 1dmkIII at a relatively cheap price. In fact, its way cheaper than what a brand new 5dmkII is selling for here. What i'm looking for is a walk around cam that can do almost anything with stunning IQ/Detail. Now lets say both cameras are equally priced and assuming the used 1dMkIII is in great condition, which should you get? I am not a pro, i shoot anything from portraits, events, sports, concepts just as a hobby.

Thanks very much! Always happy to inspire. I would probably recommend the 5D2. Although the mkIII is a fantastic camera its probably getting a bit long in the tooth now. But I do still love the grip and feel of the mkIII. Plus its built like a tank! The mkII would probably be your best bet for a walk around camera. The auto focus may be a little slow for some sports photography though. Nothing wrong with the mkII's build quality either. Its also very strong but not as good in the rain as the mkIII. I think both are built better than the Nikon's Im using right now actually, so yeah i would say go with the 5D. You get full frame, video, better LCD, more resolution, higher iso performance and more. Thats what i did, sold my mkIII and kept the 5D and am very happy with my decision. I hope this helps!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Rick Sammon HDR presentation at Google HQ

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The craziest month and catching up with an old friend

So October has just finished and I've completed the craziest busiest month in my photography career so far. Not sure exactly how many weddings I shot but its about 30 give or take a couple. Right now I still have about 10 weddings sitting on my work PC waiting to be edited.

Ended up doing 60 hours of overtime work so really looking forward to seeing my paycheck next month!
I had a business trip planned to Hong Kong for the 5th of November but as its still crazy busy we have to postpone until December now.

On another topic I got to catch up with my long time friend and fellow photographer Masaru, who made a trip down to the island for a few days. I first met Masaru over 12 years ago back in Australia when we used to live and work together shooting for CT Tour company back on the Gold Coast.

Had a short but fun time catching up over some beers at Naha's Kokusai dori then shooting most of the next day around the island. Weather and light were pretty average so no amazing shots. But plenty of fun shooting together again.