Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mr Goat in Chinese photography magazine

Some Chinese photography magazine wanted to use one of my goat shots in their magazine to demonstrate the use of fisheye with animals I guess, can't read it except for the part that says Pete Leong yuk... lol.

I shot this image a few years ago back up in Fukushima with the original Canon 5D mkI and Sigma EX 15mm fisheye. Below is my fav shot from that day of Mr Goat.

Giant goat spotted me!
We've been spotted by a giant goat!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our new wedding photographer select site

In the past our couples wanted the ability to select a photographer of their liking for their special day but unfortunately were not able to. It was pretty much a random chance that you would get a photographer you could bond with and that shot the kind of style you were looking for. Well that's all been fixed now and Watabe Wedding is proud to present the Miyabi photographer select webpage.

Couples can now browse through our photographers sample image galleries and find a photographer with a style that suits their needs. Right now the photographers listed on the page are available to shoot weddings and location shoots on Okinawa. But starting shortly couples wishing to have a destination wedding and or location shoot in a different country can also request us to travel along with them to other parts of the world to capture their special memories in a particular style that suits them.

The web page is still a work in progress but come drop by and check out what myself and other photographers at Watabe Wedding Okinawa have to offer by clicking on the image below.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

My smashed and broken Nikon gear

One of the Nikon D3's showing some slight signs of wear. Still works ok though!

Well I guess Nikon is just not made to take the kind of punishment I put them through everyday. I recently had one of my Nikon D3 LCD screens die on me all of a sudden after a fairly exposed session shooting in the rain. After having it back from Nikon pro services it died again mid wedding. Then today while shooting in the rain with a couple at Cape Zanpa my  17-35mm f2.8 totally locked up and would not focus or stop down the aperture blades. The focus and zoom rings also got super jammed and would not rotate.

Funny that I shot with Canon for 10 years or so and never had this happen. Although Canon also had its fair share of problems, I've never had this much stuff break from one brand before. To be fair though I probably shoot a lot more then your average wedding photographer.