Saturday, May 02, 2015

Okinawa wedding chapel at Kanna resort available for photoshoots!

Im happy to confirm two new chapel locations here in Okinawa that can be rented to use for Prewedding location photoshoots. Majority of the wedding chapels on Okinawa unfortunately can not be rented for photo shooting. The only way people can generally have their photos taken in one of them is to have a wedding there. But now I've teamed up with a couple of places that have allowed me access to their facilities. One of them is an indoor chapel overlooking the ocean which I'll talk about in an upcoming blog post, but for today I'd like to show you Kanna resorts offering. 


Kanna resort is located about 30 minutes drive north from Yomitan along the east coast of Okinawa. 
The outdoor chapel has fantastic views of the ocean and access to a beach down below. 

The chapel will be decorated with bouquet flowers and some other accessories while using the chapel.

The front of the chapel faces the sun which is great for photography throughout the day. 

Pre wedding location packages at this chapel including the surrounding pool side, gardens and beach start at 70,000yen with 50+ digital images included. Click here for bookings and inquiries. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spider Holster Japan campaign

Just back from a fantastic wedding shoot in Australia! But more on that soon. My sponsor Spider Holster has a great deal for photographers in Japan right now. Info only in Japanese sorry.

Spider Holster is running a campaign right now if you get one from the Japan distributer ブラックファルコン Black Falcon Get your hands and cameras on a Spider Holster if you havent already! You'll never go back to straps!

SpiderPROプレート プレゼントキャンペーンのご案内











■リンクの 申込書は当社アマゾンストアご購入製品のみ有効です。 銀一ショップでご購入のお客様は、


If your not in Japan but still want to get yourself a Spider Hoster you can check out and use offer code Leong20 to get 20% off your order!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Zen & Angeline Okinawa Prewedding BTS video

Zen & Angeline from Singapore: Okinawa Prewedding:

Spring is here in Okinawa and its warming up with great weather for prewedding location photo shoots around the island. Heres some samples from a recent location shoot from various locations around the island including an underwater prewedding location!

Check out the behind the scenes video put together by my good friend and videographer Joseph Vatchner. You can visit his website at Jsun Photo

Out on the walking bridges at a resort in Onna village

Enjoying the nature at Bios on the hill park

Atop the lighthouse at famous Cape Zanpa

Gala is a great spot for photoshoots and to view the sunset!

On the following day we went underwater even though it was a bit chilly. 
They both did a great job!

They even brought Mermaid tails to try underwater!

Interested in an Okinawa or overseas wedding or prewedding? Send me an email to book your date and lets make some magic!

Packages start from just $450 ($100 off specials now running for march/april!)
Include a minimum of 30 edited digital high resolution images. I always do my best to give extra photos free of charge! We are also now offering video packages with a professional wedding videographer! Contact for info. 

To contact with questions or bookings you can call on +818033390661 or drop me an email by clicking this link. Email me!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Prewedding photoshoot at Lazor chapel

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Lorintta & Peter's very special Okinawa prewedding where we rented out the Lazor chapel to use as our prewedding location. The Lazor Garden Christea chapel is currently one of if not Okinawa's most popular wedding chapels. Check out a few samples with Peter, Lorintta and her amazing wedding dress and behind the scenes from our photoshoot. 

And a few behind the scenes shots thanks to my assistant Keith Smith and my hair/make up artist Tomoyo. 

For bookings and details for your Okinawa or overseas prewedding or "big day" wedding shoot drop me an email here.  

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Riptide Magazine Australia

Happy to get a photo published in this months issue of Australia's Riptide bodyboarding magazine. 
The shot above of pro Japanese bodyboarder Akiko Sato on a pretty good size wave while we were in the Mentawai islands, Indonesia. Akiko was never afraid to charge even the biggest waves and even when she got pummeled she would get right back in there and catch some more. 

I made the published shot with my Canon 1DmkIV and 300mm f2.8L lens from a small Zodiac boat. Its amazing how good you can get at holding a long lens steady while rocking in a small boat for hours each day! Below is this months issue of Riptide and some other shots I made of Akiko in Indonesia below. Cant wait to get back there hopefully this year!  

If your interested in a dream surf trip to the Mentawai's then drop by to book a tour. They run a bunch year and owners Ben and Frank really know how to put on an amazing trip! Awesome food, surf and people!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Traveling in Taiwan

Working on my levitation skills at Chien Kai-Shek memorial. 
Shot by Chris Myers (Sogoi Photography)

Taking a few little breaks from Okinawa during the quieter season over Christmas starting with a few days in Tokyo catching up with my long time good mate James Brown and now traveling around awesome Taiwan with fellow photographer Chris Myers just exploring and doing some street photography in Taipei before heading off to other locations around Taiwan to see some nature and take in the culture.

I'll be posting updates and more pictures as soon as I can!

Caught this sweet Ferrari just in time with a slow shutter speed and panning
as it was cruising the streets of Taipei

Out to try Taipei's famous Hot Pot food with good friends. 
Freya and husband of Butterfly Story wedding planners in Taipei. Awesome food!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Some more Sigma 35mm f1.4 ART series lens test shots

Hanging out and having dinner with good friends the other night so I took along my new Sigma art series 35mm f1.4 to test out with my favorite K9's Roger, Pumpkin and Sachimo. Even after several beers I was able to lock on and get sharp shots with very shallow depth of field when shooting wide open at f1.4. Im really loving having this slightly wider look than with my 50mm prime lenses but still having a beautiful creamy background and whats in focus is extremely sharp. 

Check out some of the samples below. Never mind the funky white balance, I was just shooting in jpg as I didn't plan on editing these shots too much. All shots were shot using the Canon 5DmkIII. 

For this shot I used focus stacking as the dof was so shallow. 
So I used a shot of his tongue in focus and then another where I refocused on the eye then blended them together in Photoshop. 

Roger wants to give Daddy a wet kiss

When shooting groups with a lens like this its not a good idea to shoot wide open and expect to get everyones eyes in tack sharp focus. 

It can also be tricky to not have the camera focus on the nose instead of the eyes

So theres a few portrait test shots with the new Sigma 35mm f1.4 art lens. I took the lens along on an all day pre wedding location photoshoot yesterday around Okinawa and so looking forward to seeing how this lens holds up in various lighting conditions outdoors with regards to chromatic aberration as that was my main complaint with the more expensive Canon 50mm f1.2L lens. Im also excited to see just how sharp this $900 lens is even when used wide open.

You can pick up this lens from by clicking on the lens!