Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Published in EOS magazine

EOS magazine from the UK recently contacted me about doing a series of "How was it shot" articles where I would show a finished image with some behind the scenes and explanation about how I made the photo. Here is the first of 3 published articles in their current issue. For this issue we used a shot of model and good friend Yuki who I used for an Off Camera Flash workshop I taught with fellow photographer Chris Willson. 

We were just down the road at Gala with our group where I was demonstrating using off camera flash to light our subject and match exposure with the ambient light for our background. We were demonstrating various lighting modifiers, mainly from our good friends at Expo imaging with their Rogue flash benders but also the EZY box from Lastolite. EOS magazine ended up picking the shot from 500px then contacting me about it. Here is the finished article in the magazine along with the cover below. Keep an eye out for future issues with more "How was it shot" stories. 

Our model Yuki sporting some great traditional Japanese fashion as she works it for our off camera flash workshop on location in Okinawa

Friday, April 25, 2014

Beach weddings in Okinawa

Ever thought about having your wedding on the beautiful beaches of Okinawa? Well now you can! My good friend Elina of Elicuore is a wedding planner who can help you organize your dream wedding. She's super friendly and very professional so drop by her website here.

We recently did a model wedding photoshoot with Okinawan reggae singer just back from Jamaica, I-van and the beautiful Natasha who is a gospel singer. Just look at that amazing ocean colour! Be sure to check out the video at the bottom as well shot by our partner videographer Gojo.

Elicuore Beach Wedding from gjfilms on Vimeo.

Once again if your interested in having an awesome Okinawa beach wedding click this link to visit Elina's website Elicuore where you'll find contact information.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring time Pre Wedding Okinawa with Eric & Seesea | behind the scenes video

Hey folks! Right smack in the middle of the first busy wedding season of the year here in Okinawa with pretty much weddings and pre-weddings going on every day. Although I did get out to the beautiful Kerama islands on a boat dive shoot the other day, but more on that in an upcoming post.

Wanted to share with you a recent all day PreWedding shoot I did for Eric & Seesea from Hong Kong in some new unique areas of Okinawa that we hadn't used before. Namly the Marine Bidu wedding chapel in Kise which can be used as a location for photo shooting. Contact me for details about that special photo package!

Here's a behind the scenes video I put together from our day at the various locations around the island. Come check it out!

Interested in having your all day location pre wedding in Okinawa? Or even in Kyoto? Yes we are now offering photo packages in Kyoto with REAL traditional Japanese Kimono, also with hair and make up. We also have permits to shoot in some of the coolest Japanese temples where no other photographers and couples can usually shoot. Contact for more info on those packages! For Okinawa we offer all day packages with hotel pick up, all day transportation and hair/make up included! Packages starting from 170,000yen with 200+ edited digital photos for you to download and keep. Email us to make your booking by clicking here!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

香港公民在沖繩結婚 Legal Marriage in Okinawa for Hong Kong Citizens

若您是一位香港公民,並且打算在沖繩結婚,FotoShisa 攝影向您您推薦「沖繩翻譯」。來自「沖繩翻譯」的 David Higgins 是沖繩的一位翻譯人員,專門為在日本結婚的香港公民提供必需的法律文件。在您抵達沖繩之前,您可以將所有文件傳送至「沖繩翻譯」,接下來您只需提取文件然後提交至日本城市辦公室。


If you are a Hong Kong citizen planning to get married in Okinawa, FotoShisa Photography recommends Okinawa Translator. David Higgins from Okinawa Translator is a translator located in Okinawa specializing in providing the legal documents necessary for Hong Kong citizens to get married in Japan. You can send all of your documents to Okinawa Translator prior to your arrival, and everything will be waiting for you to simply pick up and submit to the Japanese City Office.

If you would like to get married in Okinawa, you will need legal documents in order for your marriage to be recognized in Hong Kong.  Okinawa Translator provides you with support for this process, including translation of all the legal documents you require.  You will return to Hong Kong with a Japanese Marriage Certificate and English translation of the certificate in order to properly register your marriage back in Hong Kong.

Office Phone : 050-5534-5965

Monday, April 14, 2014

Nikon D4s Unboxing

Hey folks! It's the busy wedding season right now so I've not been able to put up as many blog posts as I would like to being just back from a great model shoot in Kyoto with the Cherry blossom trees shooting two 13 hour days and now in the middle of 7 weddings in 8 days! Anyway I got a chance to do a little unboxing video of the new top of line Nikon D4s yesterday and what a beast it is!

As most of you know I'm a Canon shooter but I did use Nikon for a few years back when I was shooting full time for Watabe Wedding. At the time I use using D700's and a couple of D3's and they were great and took a lot of punishment and heavy duty work.

My good friend Chris Myers just picked up this new D4s and let me open it up for the first time so I could show everybody how it looks, sounds and initial thoughts. Check it out in the video below!

If you've got a lazy $6000+ lying around and want to pick up one of these bad boys then please use my link to get it on Amazon here