Thursday, May 15, 2008

Whats in my camera bag?

Last week I added a shot of my 3 bodies and yesterday at work I had not a lot to do so I thought I would take a quick shot of my camera bags inventory. There are a few bits missing but most of what I use for daily shooting is here. If you would like see notes about each item please click this link and run your mouse over the image to read what each thing is.

Some of my gear not pictured is my Eos 1, other older manual SLR's, filters, Lowe Pro trekking backpack, oh yeah and my vast collection 1DS mk III's. Did I just hear someone shout LIAR!?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New back up camera geto!

Decided to get myself a 2nd body to use for work as I was using the companies Kodak DSLR but it was a piece of crap. Even though it was a full frame 14mp job it was just too slow and weird to use. On top of that it took Nikon lenses so I had to carry around all my Canon gear plus Nikon glass also. I was originally planing to get a 5D but as I'm also saving for my next Thailand trip in July I thought I would just get something cheap for the time being to hold me over. So I popped down to my local Camera Kitamura to check out what 2nd hand gear they had in there. Found myself a Canon 10D in perfect condition for 30,000yen. I ended up buying together with the battery grip, extra battery, 2gb Sandisk extreme 3 and remote controller at a nice discount.
here you can see my 3 babies. from left~EOS 40D, 10D & 1

Although the 10D cant compete with my 40D in terms of speed and other things, the 10D does do a very good job though and the images still look great from it when used with good glass. My only main disappointments with it (which are to be expected) are the start up time, memory buffer and noise at higher iso's. Apart from that just an amazing little machine for under 300 bucks US.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Catchin up with Evan

An old mate Evan from Redcliffe came up to visit a few days ago. It had been 10 years at least since we last hung out. Evan was the video cameraman for channel 9 on the Gold coast and videoed our Team Spinal Hazard blade video eons ago. (if you havent seen it btw you can check it out here on You Tube

Evan had just got back from a trip to china where he bought an amazing Panasonic HD video camera worth about 10k back in Australia but got it for about half price over there.
After lots of catching up over many beers I took Ev up to the mountains to see some of the nature side of Japan, snow, waterfalls etc. Then to his first konyoku onsen (mixed bath). Although there are a ton of them up this way I had to take him to my fav one of them all, Adachiya in Takayu onsen town. You may have seen it if you read my earlier posts but if not heres a link to it.
This place has a great natural looking out door hotspring where gays and gals can bathe together in the nude or with a towel to hide their privates.
Also during the trip we came across an old statue you may have seen in some of my other shots.

Evan was quite shocked to see this big bad boy so we had to stop and have a shot with it.