First snowboard for the season!

Got the new board out for a test run today at Minowa ski/board park where me and Haruna used to work. I ran into a few old mates I used to work with and hadn't seen in ages and got a cheap lift pass off em for the day. Always feel a bit rusty first time back on a board at the start of a new season, especially with a new board. Snow conditions where pretty shit, mostly hard compacted stuff and also snowing quite heavy so visibility was pretty crap.

Had one good stack for the day when the edge of my board bit into a hard patch in the snow/ice and I did a few flips and managed to fill my goggles and clothes with snow. Fully sick! Anyway it was good to get back on the slopes again. Cant wait to get on some Jumps again next weekend! I hope to get 360's, 540's and rails down super sweet sometime during this season. ✽**✻ฺ✽**✻ฺ✽**✻ฺ✽**✻ฺ✽**✻ฺ✽


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