Karaoke time again!

Went out to rock out with Stu, JB and Mari saturday nite for an overdue karaoke session. But being near xmas and the end of the year all the companys have their bonennkai (end of year parties) so most of the karaoke places had a 1 hour wait before we could get a room ( ´_ゝ`) First went to an Isakaya (Japanese resturant/place to drink etc.) for some good grub and a beer.

Then we were able to get a room at Shidax (a big karaoke chain) and all you can drink. sweeet! Stu who usually listens to metal was doin some strange numbers, Avril ?? Holly Vallance ??!!?? Mari, JB's gf and my old student was gettin drunk again just off the fumes from the alcohol HAHA. Anyway it was a good warm up for next tuesday nite when we head out again for some more!


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