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Ok so here is my first entry for my new blog about whatevas been goin on here in Fukushima. Well winter is apon us again and I just got a new Head snowboard, bindings and boots as an early xmas/'day prez. So cant wait to hit the slopes asap!

Last weekend we had Kamo's sister Belle and her boyfriend Waz come and stay with us. Its been about 7 years or so since I last saw Belle so it was it was great to catch up. Waz was an awsome dude and we had tons of fun together. We went to Goshikinuma (5 colour pond), and into the mountains etc. Went out for lots of drinking and karaoke joined by Yuka and feasted on whale and raw horse! good stuff by the way! This is the start of a long holiday for them. Next they are off to the U.K, Europe and South America. Frigin Sweet! "but thats nothing depending on what you said before" as Belle would say. ☆*♥*:;;;;;:*♥*♥*:;;;;;:*♥ ♥☆


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