2007 count down party

Went out to As Soon As last nite for the new years party. Its a smallish club in Fukushima with a DJ, small dance floor a a few couches scattered around. I met a few friends there and met a few interesting new people. There must have been more than 50 people crammed in to the place for the party so any attempt to get to the bar was always a mission. Had loads of drinks, mostly beers, tequila shots and reggae punches.
By 1am girls were starting to pass out and sleeping on the sofas around the place, seems a lot of Japanese girls cant handle their alcohol very well. So headed home about 4am in the freezing cold on my push bike. Still don't know how I made it home in the condition I was in. Just waiting for some pix from friends who took cameras as I was too lazy this time. Will post some when I get some.

    |    ヽ
   /   人__ヽ∩
  /  /       ヽ  You Beauty!
 /  /  ●   ● |
 (   |    ( _●_)  ミ
  \  彡、  |∪|   (  
   \    ヽノ   `ー´⌒\
     \          /\  \、
      \       /   (     ̄)
        \     |   ( ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄)
          \   ヽ/  / ̄ ̄


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