Inawashiro ski paradise

At last great weather and great snow conditions this weekend at Inawashiro ski paradise with Haruna & Stu. We got discount tickets from some dudes who ran one of the parking lots so instead of the usual ¥4600 for a full day pass, we paid ¥3000 sweeet. The snow was pretty dry and soft everywhere and even some power in amongst the tree courses and down under the lift "out of bounds area". As it was Stu's first time in the soft stuff he had trouble finding his balance and got stuck in some trees and branches. Some of the courses were steep and friggin fast and bumpy, and so had a bad case of the speed wobbles on a few occasions but managed to keep it under control somehow. My best stack of the day was on one of the larger jumps when a bad landing saw my butt cheeks spread apart farther than what is humanly possible.
Later in the day Stu got a great response from dropping the "hey beautiful" line on one of hotties boarding past us. Well done Stu!


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