Party marathon!

Just got back from snowboarding again. Went to curico today with Haruna. Its about 30mins drive from here. Still not enough snow like there should be by now but hopefully soon! Weather wasn't great either but still had enough fun. Haruna lost her board boots last time we went so found some new ones at a 2nd hand shop today, Burton boots for 800 en! Bargain!!

Heres a couple of pix from last nites drinking (3rd nite in a row now! ahh) and karaoke with Yuka and a couple of her crazy drunk mates. Yet more proof that Japanese girls don't know when to stop drinking! Sorry about the grainy low qual pix. They were shot on my phone because I forgot mem card for camera. DOH! Here are the three stages of drunkenness...

(marie) Good drunk!

(Marie & Sayaka) Better drunk!

Bad drunk!


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