Gay proof your son before it's too late!

I was just browsing through a few fellow bloggers blogs and came across a link to this insane article written by the baptist church for their on-line magazine. These guys must be smokin crack!

Anyway it's called

Is My Little Baby Going to Go Gay?
Handy Homo Prevention Tips For Concerned Parents With Suspect Toddlers

this site gets my WTF rating of 5/5
(wtf meaning "what the fuck" if you don't know already)
check it out by clicking here

There are many other interesting articles on the site. I especially enjoyed the "Kristian Kids Korner" where youngsters can enjoy reading stories on such topics as

Why Did Jesus Have Long Hair Like a Homo?
If the false images of Jesus with long hair are a stumbling block for you, then just tear them out of your Bible.

Does Jesus Watch Me Go Poopy?
Jesus knows that toilet time is also a dangerous time for young ladies like yourself – filled with horrid temptations of the flesh. After all, this – along with shower time – is one of the only occasions when True Christians™ have a legitimate reason to be briefly touching their filthy sex parts....

Learn How to Report Mommy and Daddy to the FBI!
It is now easier than ever for Christian children like you to turn your unsaved parents in to Federal authorities.

Learn About the Dangers of Pokemon
Did you know that the Japanese created Pokemons (pocket demons) to distract you from the Lord Jesus Christ?

and it seems the secrets out for all you gay folk shaking hands!

The homo handshake

click here to learn to spot a gay boy!


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