My STi!!

I finally bought a new car last weekend! Subaru Impreza WRX STi ver.5 sweeeet!!! I found it on yahoo auctions a few weeks back and had been trying to get in contact with the dude with the help of good mate/fellow drifter/fellow WRX owner Stu, but hadn't had too much luck. Eventually I got an email from him with his details but he lived in Nigatta prefecture (about 3 hour drive from here). So we organized a time to go look at it as there was no way I was gonna buy it before checkin it out first. As it was our first time to Nigatta, Haruna was stoked to have a look around and we also took Jet to the Aqua Marine park, kinda like a Underwater World/Sea World with out the rides type deal. He had a ball going around to every tank and banging on the glass.

So took it for a spin and loved it, but every time I put my foot down the dude was hanging onto the door and looking like he was going to soil his pants. It's in sweet condition and the engine sounded sweet thanks to a new HKS exhaust and Blitz blow off valve. The body kit is by Chargespeed, riding low on 17" Advan's and neon under kit which I haven't played around with yet. The yellow graphics on the sides will probably come off pretty soon and first thing to do will be to swap my DVD player into it from my other car and get a crankin stereo set up. Will be picking it up this Saturday so will put up some better pix shortly.


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