weekend of Boarding and Bathing (´∀`)

We took Jet for his first onsen on Saturday at Takayu to the hot spring I often visit. He had a ball splashing around and eating snow in the out door section.

Also went snowboarding two days in a row. The first on sunday was in horrendous weather! Driving up the mountain towards Minowa (where we used to work) was almost impossible due to the insanely strong wind, snow and ice pushing the car in the opposite direction. Conditions at the ski resort weren't any better. I met Masa my old student and mate from Canon. It was freezing cold and the snow was stinging our faces as we were boarding, on top of that my nose wouldnt stop running from the weather and a cold I still have and my goggles kept fogging up making already crap visibility even worse. Driving home was another mission also. The road had iced over by this time so had to crawl most of the way down the mountain. Near the bottom just as it looked to be drying up a bit I spotted a 4wd parked upside down on the edge of the road. Pretty bad day to go boarding but still a bad day on the slopes is better than a good day in the office!!

The next morning I woke up to perfect weather. It had just been snowing heaps the day before and now there wasn't a cloud in the sky and zero wind. Luckily I have Saturday-Monday most weeks off so after a quick mail out to a few mates only to find out they were all working or busy I decided to go again by myself. This time it was perfect. Great view for hundreds of miles, no wind. So I cranked up some tunes on my trusty iPod and away I went for the next 4 hours with most of the mountain to myself as everyone else was at work hahaha. "fully choice bro!"


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