Drifting at Ebisu with Stu

Got out for a well needed drift today. Had not been since before winter except for some grip racing at Sendai. The day started out pretty bad but got better. At first on the drive to Ebisu going up the mountain some dickhead drove out in front of me from a side street turning to head back down the mountain as I was going up it at around 100km/h. I swerved to miss him just in time.

Next my rx-7's battery shat itself and wouldn't work no matter what we tried so had to use the battery from my wrx. Upon trying to put start it, the back wheel ran over the heel of my right foot!!! yes it sucked really bad and was super painful. I don't know how I didn't break any bones, just lost some skin and bruised pretty bad. Then I smashed my finger with a metal bar while changing tires on the tire changing machine. Ahhhgg. Anyway after much pain and suffering I started having some fun.

Also Ran into some mates including world champion D1 driver Kumakubo from Team Orange (also owner of Ebisu circuit) who were teaching a drift course at the School Track.

Heres some videos of me smokin some rubber and spinnin out in my good ol rx-7 FC3S. Enjoy!

click the play button in the bottom left corner to watch from my blog.

A short clip drifting around the long corner at Ebisu North course.

A slightly long clip with a little more of the track.

Doing a 360 by mistake.

Spinning out again but havin a blast and smokin it up.

And last but not least, spinnin out a couple more times but still havin fun!

A fellow drifter hot himself stuck in a ditch after spinning out. We tried a bunch of times to push him out with no luck. Eventually found a tow rope and got him out. But not without some nasty damage to his side skirts.

Big thanks to Stu for all his help and showin me the ropes on the tire changing machine thingy! For more drift action in japan check out http://www.driftinjapan.com/


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