Great start to the weekend

Had a work lunch yesterday for the mothers of the kids at our company. It was pretty boring, mostly just a bunch of mothers sitting around chatting about stuff and lots of fake laughing. The food was pretty average and within 2 hours I was feelin crook as. So anyway ended up going to hospital and getting a drip put in me. The service at the hospital was pathetic. Waiting around for what seemed like ages before seeing a doctor just to poke around my gut and tell me what I already knew. Anyway feeling fine today and going to light up some fireworks tonite with JB and Stu. Then after that heading into the city for some big festival.

You can buy fireworks here during the hotter months at any convenience store, toy shop or just about any other place for matter, even at my mates car shop. This lot in the pic cost me about $25au.

I bought Haruna and Jet a kids seat for Harunas bike so Jet can come along on rides with us now. We went for a 20km ride out to Azuma sports park a couple of days ago. This pic is from on the way back when Jet fell asleep and using Mum's arm for a pillow.


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