Show Up tuning shop grand opening Fukushima

Stu & I attended the Show Up tuning shop grand opening here in Fukushima just a couple of minuets from my place on Sunday 15th in less than ideal conditions. But the rain didn't distract from the awesome rides and girls there. Heres a few pix and a video from the show.

A super sik WRX parked out the front of the entrance

A few of the cars on show including 2 D1 drift cars & a full carbon fiber body roadster

The insaine ORC supercharged Nissan fairlady 33z

Yummy 18yo Mamichan

Just a shitty little edit from some of my vids and pix. Sorry I cant edit.
Again click the small play button bottom left to view in this window.


'Disco Stu' said…
Friggin sweet vid! That chick looks like she wanted you mun...but wanted me too.

Drifting DVDs
Unknown said…
how did you get started with your tuning shop im here in florida wanting to do the same
Ron its not my tuning shop. its just a place near me that i went to the opening of. the weird lookin fella at the top and i do love racing and drifting our cars though! 8)

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