got a new diggy SLR at last!!

Howdy folks! sorry it's been awhile since my last post. I've been getting ready for my 3rd photo exhibition which will be held from the 26th of this month until the 8th of next month at
Azuma sports park. Apart from that just busy teaching as always but hoping to get out of the teaching game soon and back into photography full time. Tis festival's season again now, so have also been out to check a few of them out. The best and most interesting I found was the kenka matsuri (fighting festival) where 30 odd guys carrying a huge shrine crash into another team guys with their shrines. It's quite a spectacle and people have even died in previous years.

Anyway I've been hunting around for a new upgrade to my Canon D60 for quite a while and was looking to get a 2nd hand 5D from yahoo auctions. I placed a few bids on a couple that looked good but within 5hrs of the auction finishing the guy selling the camera got himself kicked off the auctions for some reason. Hmm... so I decided to just go to the camera shop and fork out for the brand new Canon 40D with 17-85mm Image Stabilizer lens kit. Have only had the camera for a day so far and seems to be really good. It's a little bigger and heavier than my past DSLR but the build quality is much better and of course the specs are much higher. The 40D has a 10 mega pixel sensor and shoots 6.4 frames per second. Pretty sweet for action photography and the like. I also forked out for a 4gb memory card so I wont run out of space too quickly, even shooting at the maximum resolution which produces images of around 12mb each. Altogether with the body, lens, memory card and filter it came to about 180000yen ($1800au)

Also I am currently having my photography site revampted by a pro, and it should be up within a week just in time for my show. You can see it at


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