Time for a career change!

Howdy yall! So I've decided to get out of this teaching game and back into full time professional photography. But this time hopefully on a much larger scale. I told my boss that I'm quitting on the 20th of December and that I might be avalable for some part time work if my photography doesnt take up too much time. So I've been busy getting my name out there by visiting lots of places to promote myself, not as easy when I have to do it in another language though! I usually just take in my portfolio and drop off a biz card. I got a call back the very next day after dropping off a card at a big well known wedding party place in the city called Sun Palace.

So I went in for an interview then was told to wait for a week. After a week I was asked back for another interview with the chief photographer, general manager and some other dude. After some lengthy interviews I was asked to wait just one more week to find out. So far it seems like I'm in with a good chance as they all seemed happy with me and the chief photog told me later that they were keen to have me work there. They even offered me $500-600 extra on top of the pay per month that I asked them for so that was really cool. Although it will be hard work I'm sure it will be heaps fun also and a great learning experience. So just a couple more days to wait now...... heres hoping everything goes ok!

Also last weekend I got to catch up with one of my best mates I havent seen in 6 years Masaru. I used to work Masaru and he lived with me and Haruna for a while on the Gold Coast. He came up from Tokyo with his top of the line Canon EOS 1D MK III camera worth $5000 plus a few pro lenses. So I got to have a good test out of all that stuff over the couple of days of shooting we spent together in the mountains. Heres a couple of shots I took from the outings in the mountains.
click the image to view bigger size.


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