New plasma TV

We got a new plasma 42 inch Hitachi Wooo tv from Haruna's parents last week. This replaces our old 32 inch crt box that served us well for so many years. Took ages to get it all hooked up as we had to unplug all the surround sound gear to get the old cabinet out because the new tv has its own powered swivel stand. Was going to buy the smaller stand so it could sit our existing cabinet but they sell for 30,000 yen or $300au!!! just for a little stand with a power swivel in it. Anyway the picture looks great, the tv has a built in hard drive so we can record stuff anytime at the push of a button. Ps2 games also look great so I will finally be investing in a ps3 next year after getting my 70-200 I.S L lens I need for weddings.


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