NOVA students & teachers stuck

Kind of old news now but if you haven't heard already NOVA, Japans biggest English teaching company went bankrupt a couple of months back now leaving thousands of students and gaijin teachers stuck with empty pockets. Some of my other students who also went to NOVA had already paid up for a years worth of study and had lost around 8-$9000 bucks because of the debacle. So in an effort to get more well known and get a better image my companies (International Communications) boss decided that we will take on any NOVA adult (high school and up) students for free for four months. So of course the phone calls started pouring in left right and center from students and TV/newspapers etc.
Heres a clip from this weeks paper with yours truly
teaching how to say my name in English. " its pronounced Peet! not Piito!!"

Luckily the students I've had so far have all been a pretty high level and pretty talkative which makes my job so much easier. Anyway I'm at the end of my teaching career now with less than a week to go of full time work. After the 20th I will just be helping out with a little part time work here and there until around my birthday (Jan 10th btw!) then starting the new wedding photography gig from the 16th. Cant wait! it will be a welcome change.


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