Flickr & Facebook marathons, Light trails & Travel

Hey peoples out there in cyber land. super boring day at work today as there are no photos to be taken. So I've been having myself a Flickr and Facebook marathon as I have nothing better to do. I did take 30mins out to go shoot some light trail shots in the chapel on the 6th floor just for fun though. Heres a couple of the resulting images. Not my best work but it was fun enough.

Thanks to Kaori for being modeling for me!

In other news Haruna & Jet are going back to Australia next week for a month to catch up with my family and have a break from Japan etc. I cant get away from work for that long but I just booked myself a trip back to THAILAND whoohoooo! Will be heading back there in July only for a week but better than nothing. Whats with the fuel surcharge price they charge these days??? The return ticket on Singapore airlines only cost me about $300 bucks but the petrol fee is like $250 bucks! crazy mofo's!

Anyway if you have any photos you want to share with friends and family and havent joined up Flickr yet, do yourself a favor a join up today. Its free and there are tons of great images to be seen there.

Shenanigans in Japan. Get yours at

Finally Im super happy this month to have been published in 3 seperate magazines here in Japan with my shots used here and there and sizes up to full page spreads. More being published in coming months.


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