Shooting the sakura at Hanamiyama

Just did a half day at work today so I could ride over to Hanamiyama to shoot some pics of my own for a change and also to scout some locations for a model shoot I will be doing there on Friday for work. Hanamiyama is a very famous place here in Fukushima.
1000's of Japanese tourists come in tour buses from all over the place to see the sakura (cherry blossoms) and other flowers in their full glory. I don't know any of the flowers actual names, I just shoot the ones that look pretty. And not all of them had bloomed yet, just a few more days maybe.

I had planned to meet up with a couple of friends I've only spoken to on Flickr and Facebook, but one who was going to model for me couldn't make it because of work and another photographer was just leaving as I got there. Anyway heres a small sample from today.

Ohh sweet bokeh!

How funny is this guy! love his shooting stance!

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