New back up camera geto!

Decided to get myself a 2nd body to use for work as I was using the companies Kodak DSLR but it was a piece of crap. Even though it was a full frame 14mp job it was just too slow and weird to use. On top of that it took Nikon lenses so I had to carry around all my Canon gear plus Nikon glass also. I was originally planing to get a 5D but as I'm also saving for my next Thailand trip in July I thought I would just get something cheap for the time being to hold me over. So I popped down to my local Camera Kitamura to check out what 2nd hand gear they had in there. Found myself a Canon 10D in perfect condition for 30,000yen. I ended up buying together with the battery grip, extra battery, 2gb Sandisk extreme 3 and remote controller at a nice discount.
here you can see my 3 babies. from left~EOS 40D, 10D & 1

Although the 10D cant compete with my 40D in terms of speed and other things, the 10D does do a very good job though and the images still look great from it when used with good glass. My only main disappointments with it (which are to be expected) are the start up time, memory buffer and noise at higher iso's. Apart from that just an amazing little machine for under 300 bucks US.


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