Whats in my camera bag?

Last week I added a shot of my 3 bodies and yesterday at work I had not a lot to do so I thought I would take a quick shot of my camera bags inventory. There are a few bits missing but most of what I use for daily shooting is here. If you would like see notes about each item please click this link and run your mouse over the image to read what each thing is.

Some of my gear not pictured is my Eos 1, other older manual SLR's, filters, Lowe Pro trekking backpack, oh yeah and my vast collection 1DS mk III's. Did I just hear someone shout LIAR!?


Anonymous said…
Nice equiptment! I have camera bag envy. I didn't have another way of contacting you but I'm also a gaijin living in Japan and was wondering if you offered any photo lessons or shadowing out there in Fukushima. I'd be very grateful!
hey Julie! oh a fellow gaijin?? thanks for your comment. sure if you want to hang out together id be happy to give you some tips etc. anyway i will try and contact you.

cheers, Pete

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