Petes return to Pattaya, Thailand

After a lot of begging to get a mer week off from work I decided it was time to get back to one of most fun places on earth, Pattaya, Thailand! It had been about 2 years since my last trip there and I had been hanging to get back there again since. Anyone who does not know about Pattaya should just check out some videos on Youtube or Google it and you will soon find out what its all about. There are lots of other things to do in the area though of course also. I spent most of the time with my 2 DSLR's with me but found it tooo hot to be putting in much effort to make many great shots.Looking down on Pattaya city at night from the look out.

I went this trip with a mate Sami who lives down in Chiba, he met me there a day after I arrived. We found a great tour guide named Mr Sanga who took us around to many great spots along the coast. On great place north of Pattaya had thousands of wild monkeys running wild all over the place. Wild monkeys run this part of town

Also visited many great temples, shrines, shopping malls etc. to get the days out of the way to make way for the nights. The night is what its all about here. Every night is like a Friday night just after knocking off work for a long holiday weekend. You only need walk a few meters in any direction in Pattaya to find some kind of party going on, and your more than welcome to come join the fun (as long as you have some money of course) Everywhere you go around town you are greeted with calls of "Sexy man! where you going?", "Massage?" or just "Welcome!" Most nights were spent at various beer bars drinking cheap Chang beers having a laugh and watching the local talent.
The Sanctuary of Truth, Nakula, Pattaya

Other nights were at the various discos or gogo bars dancing or just kicking back and watching the pros do it. This is a very welcome change from living in Fukushima where there are about 3 average clubs to choose from, only open weekends and charge anywhere from $15-$30 bucks to get in. In Pattaya they're all free, open every night and very energetic.

more to come...


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