Gorillapod Power

Went to Sendai the other day to visit Canon to get my 30D's dirty sensor cleaned as its a new work rule that we have to have it done once a month now. Turns out that Canon was closed that day unfortunatly but at least I got to visit my favorite shop! The camera mega store that is Yodobashi Camera. I had been looking at this crazy tripod for a while but with the 5000yen price tag had kept putting it off. But scene as how one of my recent wedding couples were nice enough to give me a me a 3000yen tip I decided to splurged and got myself the Joby Gorillapod slr-zoom as it would only cost me 2k extra, couldnt help myself, it looked like such a cool geeky gadget and easy enough to fit inside my camera bag.

They say its able to hold 3kg, wrap around poles, bend in just about any direction and pretty much allows to mount a camera almost anywhere.

So of course I had to put it to the test with my sub camera the Canon 30D with vertical grip, 2 batts, 70-200mm f2.8L IS, 430ex II flash and a Kenko ball head. This total weight combined would have to be over 3kg for sure but the Gorillapod still managed to hold it up. Of course you would want to use the remote cable for shooting like this but still that pretty damn coool!
They come in 3 sizes and this one sells for 5000yen or about $50 bucks US. Im sure its way cheaper in the states but for some reason a lot of camera gear is more expensive here in Japan. But still well worth it for sure. Im looking forward to trying it out in some more unusual places when I get time.
So far I highly recommend them! Come check them out at http://www.joby.com/products/gorillapod/


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