Best mates wedding

Although I've been to over 70 weddings this year I got to go to my long long time good friend James Brown and Mari Wakamatsu's wedding. I actually played cupid to JB & Mari a few years ago as Mari was an English student at our company back when I was an English teacher.

Needless to say it was a great change to not be the "official" photographer at the wedding and I was able to sit down, relax, eat some food and drink a beer or 10 8)

Of course I still had to take some shots of my own to give the newlyweds. Just would not be right going to a mates wedding and not getting at least a couple of hundred shots for them on top of the official photographers shots. Unfortunatly I didnt have the freedom I would have liked to get the shots I wanted because of time constraints and rules etc. but I did what I could while still allowing some time for a speach and to enjoy myself.

Was also able to catch up with some friends I had not seen in years and meet some great new friends including but not limited to
Edmund Loh
Frank Bauer
James Allen
& Fidens Felix.
Great to meet you guys and look forward to hanging out again soon!

Heres a few sample shots for their big day. As always come see more at Flickr







Congrats JB & Marichan!!!


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