New skatepark open in Fukushima!

Dusted off the cobwebs from my old blades for a nostalgic skate last tuesday. Fukushima has just had a new all concrete skatepark built at Jurokunuma park about 20mins drive from my place.  This is the first decent park Fukushima has seen so even though I dont skate anymore its great to see it built so the kids have somewhere to hone their skills. 
The new Fukushima skate park in HDR

As I dont own any protection gear anymore I was'nt quite game to try going hard at it like I used to back in the days but still magaged to get some decent air over the fun box, 180's, 360's and the like. My grind skills have gone to shite pretty much and I wasnt even game to try backsliding (grinding on only the back skate) (which used to be my speciality)any rails.  Was also tempted to kick out a backflip in the bowl but just couldnt bring myself to do it. 

Being a weekday I wasnt expecting to see many people there but I was surprised to see about 20 or so skaters aged between about 10~30. 90% skateboarers, 9% BMX and a whopping 1% rollerblading! Which was me LOL. It was a plesant surprise to see everybody sharing the park with zero attitute toward each other like can always be seen in skateparks in other countries (well Australia at least). Not sure what its like these days but when I used to go skating with the mates there was always at least one skateboarder who had to act a fool and put others not skateboarding down. But happy to report there was none of that going on here. Infact it was quite the opposite. Not suprisingly I was super unfit compared to when I used to skate and was shocked to see how much effort was needed to keep skating for long periods. Anyway I managed to get away without any injuries and had a bunch of fun bring back  memories of my skating days. 

Heres a couple of pix of me "ripping it up" curtisy of Haruna.

Me doing a Mute grab over fun box at new Fukushima skate park
Mute grab over the fun box. 

Gettin my grind on at new Fukushima skate park
Old school frontside grind 

Me trying a 180 over fun box at new Fukushima skate park
360 no style, no grab over fun box


Anonymous said…
Hey, Pete! Just googled Mt. Azuma and your blog popped up. I hadn't realized you and Haruna had climbed so many mountains! Let us know if Jet wants company climbing when the temps warm up cuz Daichi and Rowen keep saying they can't wait to see him again and we like hiking. We missed you at the Thanksgiving party, but hope the turkey gave you a whiff of the party spirit. :-) Also, I hadn't realized Jurokunuma had a skate park, so as Daichi said "We are so there tomorrow!" Take care and hopefully we'll see you before too long.
Warm regards,

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