October update (new toys and stuffs)

I know its already November now but I didnt get to write much in October mostly because I didnt have much else to talk about except that work is really really busy now that the wedding season here in Japan is in full effect. So have just been going crazy shooting every day often covering 2 weddings in a day. This month we have over 50 weddings at Sun Palace! But come December it will start to quiet down for winter. So whats been happening I hear you ask?

Well after being told and reading that I cant change my Japanese version of Windows Vista premium to English I finally found a way to make it happen today, and very easily! Thanks to a nice little freeware program called Vistalizator I was able to change pretty much everything from Japanese to English in about 5 minutes and it was very very easy! Just had to download their little program and the official Microsoft English MUI (Multilingual User Interface), basically click "go" and the rest (Japanese) is history. Had a couple of minor problems loading a couple of menus at first but after a small tweak it all works fine so far. I didnt really need it as I can read most of the stuff I need to read when it was in Japanese but having it in English is much better of course. 

In other news... Haruna captured Jet on video falling asleep while trying to eat dinner and watch TV. Make sure you check out this short very cute clip of him. 

This photo of Jet below has been super popular on Flickr getting favorited almost 100 times (at time of writing) and over 1000 views within it first few days of being uploaded. 

Pro cameras for young photographers
Jet following in Daddy's footsteps. 

The miniature camera is the rare 1/5 limited edition Canon 1DS mkII with 600mm f4 L lens. I had been after one of these models for ages and ages then out of the blue my mate down in Chiba, Sami managed to find and get one of Ebay for me. The detail in this model is just friggin AWESOME! Needless to say Ive had quite a few emails from people who have seen the photos I uploaded to Flickr asking where they can buy one or if I would sell it, LOL good luck! 
Click here for a large close up shot of the model sitting on my desk. If that link wont work please try this one for the normal vew on Flickr

What else has been happening...?? Well my PC I had for the last couple of years shat itself at about the same time my monitor died. Actually it was just the hard drive but the pc was getting a little long in the tooth anyway so I thought it best to just upgrade to a new machine and get a better monitor for editing photos etc. So just got myself a Mitsubishi 22inch glossy widescreen, which I am totally in love with! So much more screen real estate now. And got a new Gateway quad core 2. with 3gb ram and 640gb hdd which brings total hard drive space  now to just under 2 terabytes. As I was using XP before I had a bit of trouble finding my way around the Vista in Japanese but got the hang of it pretty quickly and now that I can run it in English everything seems to be going great. (for the time being anyway) Everywhere on the internet seems to poopoo Vista but so far Ive had no problems with it and everything just runs super fast which Im really really happy to see! I look forward to seeing how the new Windows 7 OS goes when it comes out in 2010 though as its supposed to be a lot less resource hungry. 

Well thats about all I could be bothered writting about at the moment. Please come by Flickr and check out my other recent photos, imparticular of Jet on his first Fariswheel ride and BBQ with Harunas friends and all the kids playing together as there are some really cute shots there. 

Oh one last thing. We got our first snow of the season here in Fukushima a few days ago. Looking out the window I can see a little snow on the tops of the mountains and its starting to get pretty cold here now. Got some old mates (Swami, Brian) coming over from Oz to stay in winter for a snowboard so it will be great to catch up with them again soon. 


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