Bording at Nekoma with Stu

Went for my 2nd snowboard of the year with Stu the other day. This time at Nekoma where I havent been for years. Its a pretty decent size park and only costs 3000yen for an all day pass. The weather looked really cloudy and thought it might rain or snow looking up the mountains from home but once we got there  were plesently surprised to have quite good conditions for boarding. Zero wind, not snowing or raining but just a big foggy and overcast. 

Heading up to the top for the first or second run of the day we noticed 4 huge jumps and had to head over to have a play on them for a while. One or two of them had huge gaps of around 30ft to get over to land on the downward slope of the other side. I was feeling still pretty rusty but managed not to kill myself too bad. Also got the motivation to pull out the 5D and get some shots of Stu as he was showing his skillz. 

Stu style "Ooh git out my way!"
Stu demonstrates his signature move. The Kungfu air punch (only a handfull of top snowboarders in the world can pull off this incredibly dangerous manuver) 

Later in the day we decided we had to have a ride on this very nice patch of steep and deep powder running down under one of the lifts. There was no easy way to get onto it so we had to make our way though 100m or so of trees and bush but it was totally worth it (for me at least, as Stu has decided he doesnt like powder too much just yet as its "too much hard work" lol) You'll come around Stu. Unfortunatly I didnt have my camera with me for that run. Next time Gadget! next time. 

me again
Me on the other side of the cam for a change. Photo by Stu

Two mean Gaijin!

Freaky Gaijin
Fisheye head

Super Sick Air Stu
Pic of the day! with a little help for a good friend called photoshop CS3. 
Stu flying high over Nekoma


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