Family trip to Ebisu circuit and zoo

Took the fam today to Ebisu to see some drifting and animals at the zoo there. We were blessed with good weather so wanted to practice shooting some of the animals and maybe some cars. But being still winter and pretty damn cold there was no one there drifting 8(. 
So just had a wander around checking out the various animals in their shitty cages and trying to get shots through the bars of their cages. I find it pretty tricky to get a half decent shot of animals in cages so I used my 70-200mm f2.8 L and got up as close to the bars as I could in order to get them way out of focus. Here are some results

Peacock blue

Zebra portrait

Lion Love
This was the hardest one as this cage had really thick metal 
bars and they were pretty close together. 


Anonymous said…
Great shots from the zoo! The lion shot is great.

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