First snowboard session for the year

Got out for our first "real" snowboard of the year yesterday. Took Stu & Haruna up to Minowa (where we used to work) for some mountain shredding 8) The weather looked promising on the way up the mountain but once going through the long tunnel which brings you out the other side of the mountain the weather didnt look so great afterall. Still it wasnt a blizzard so could still enjoy some decent riding. 
Most of the steeper sections had the snow blown off by the strong winds leaving bare ice patches which made for scary fast decents. But once we got off the main corses and into the trees there was plenty of sweet soft powder to be ridden. We all had our fair share of stacks/crashes but were all able to walk away with just some nasty muscle pain today. Wanted to take the camera up to get some shots of use boarding but with the weather the way it was I just couldnt get inspired. Just a couple of snaps back at the car park befoer heading home. 

after snowboarding at Minowa
Having a gay ol time with Stu

after snowboarding at Minowa
Stu & Haruna take a leap of faith. Note Stu pulling out his trademark facials during this shot!

after snowboarding at Minowa


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