Happy New Year!!!

Happy new year everyone! I spent most of the last day of the year chillin at home and compleated GTA 4. Well all the main missions anyway. Still only about 75% complete though. Headed out to Neo, a smallish underground club in Fukushima for the countdown and to catch up with some friends. 

countdown 2009 at Neo
Right on midnight at Neo

countdown 2009 at Neo
Some happy party girls welcoming in the new year

countdown 2009 at Neo
Some HipHop act

These images were all shot with my Canon 5D with Sigma 15mm fisheye. I only wish I had brough along a flash so I could get some better people shots as it was too dark and even at iso 1600 and 15th/sec @ f2.8 I was still getting underexposed shots quite often. 

My new year goal is to get into a better photography job!


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