Sledding with Mummy and Jet at Shiozawa

Had the day off today and the weather was great for a change so we took Jet up to one of the closes ski parks (Shiozawa)for some sledding fun. Its only about a 30~40min drive from home here in Fukushima to get here. As a ski resort it sucks but just for a place to play on a sled its great. These shots were all photographed with my Canon 5D and 70-200mm f2.8L IS. 

Jet gets air!
Jet getting some air off a small jump. He loved it!

Speedy Mummy and Jet
Mummy and Jet hammering down the slope pretty fast

Taking a rest from sledding
A HDR shot of Haruna and Jet taking a rest on the sled. 
Edited with Photomatix 3 and Lightroom 2


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