Dangerous view from a beautiful waterfall

What a crazy spot! Its called the Devils Swimming pool at Victoria falls in Zimbabwe. Amazing!


Anonymous said…

Everyone should try this after seeing this video.
Anonymous said…
that was completely new and unexpected, before coffee on a Sunday morning to peer over the edge of such beauty. I jumped on the search for Saugatuck and landed in Zimbabwe. Thank you Pete... awesome!
haha glad you guys like it. i thought it was pretty cool.
geminie said…
That is the most amazing thing I have ever seen! wow, I want to go there now!!! Absolutely breathtaking!! Thanks for sharing :D

Cristina Alt
'Disco Stu' said…
fake...thats just pete and his photoshop skills at work...pretty cool though
LOL yeah theres always one "fake" in the crowd. actually yeah i did it all on my pc.

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