D1 Grand Prix Round 1 at Ebisu

The 2009 D1 pro drift series has begun again. As I can hardly ever get weekends off because of shooting weddings I was only able to go see the practice day on the friday before the main event. But its still a great chance to get out and see the boys ripping it up without having to fight through all the crowds of the sat/sunday.

Plenty of the cars have had color changes and new graphics for most. One of the more surprising sponsors was Norton (yes the antivirus) now across the side of NomuKen's r34 GTR.

Click images to view larger.

Nomura Ken  Wins! round 1 @ Ebisu
Winner of D1 round 1 at Ebisu. Nomura Ken! Omedetou! 
Good on ya mate!

JZX100 Chaser from WELD
Perhaps the best looking car there. 
The JZX100 Chaser from WELD

Kumakubosan in his Evo X
Old mate Kumakubosan in his new Mitsubishi Evo X

Drift Zamurai smokin it
Drift Zamurai now sporting a blue RX-7 FC 
looked to be going strong even though he missed out on qualifying for the weekend rounds. 

The weather started out perfect in the morning but by the afternoon turned to dog poop when snow started bucketing down eventually reducing visibility to about 20m so we left. But for more news on all things D1 and drifting from Japan come check out Stu's Drift in Japan site here http://www.driftinjapan.com/


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