Testing out some new camera toys

Hey everyone! Sorry its been a while since if updated the blog. Been crazy busy shooting tons of weddings and other shoots because Japan is on the Golden week holidays right now. 
Recently bought a fair bit of camera accessories from Link-Delight.

As they are super cheap! Ended up getting some radio slaves to fire my flashes off the camera anywhere up to 30m away, macro extension tubes, reflectors, light stand mount for flash andumbrella. Also finally bought a Giottos Rocket blower after hearing many raves about them from the various photography pod casts I listen to and The Hot Shoe Diaries, new book by Joe McNally. About off camera flash technique. Still waiting on those though.

Had the day off today. And although the weather was crap I decided to get out and give the new macro tubes and wireless flash triggers a test run. Here's a few sample shots from today on Smugmug.

And here are just a couple of my fav shots from today.

Mommy and Jet in the park
Haruna and Jet chillin on at park bench at Fukushima 4 seasons park with a sea of flowers behind them. Had my flash on a tripod to the left of the shot. 

After the rain
It had been raining so there were little droplets of water everywhere. 
Had the flash on a dedicated ettl cord held out to the side. Im manual exposure to make the background go black. 

Tiny flower drops
This took quite a few attempts to get right. I was holding the pink flower in the background to try and shoot it through the rain drops. Very tricky to get focus right!

After the rain
Lots of rain drops lit from beneath


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