Boso Hanto camping trip

As light breaks

Was able to get 3 days off work and wanted to go camping somewhere different for a change and for a chance to do some seascape photography. So we decided to head down south to the Boso Hanto south of Chiba near Tokyo.  After about a 6 hour drive we arrived and were shocked to find there were no camping areas. None that were open anyway. I was on the look out for ocean with some interesting shaped rocks with some waves crashing on them so I could hopefully shoot some long exposures and make some cool shots. Found lots of rock but not much in the way of waves unfortunately. On the plus side I did get a little peak at Mount Fuji far in the distance across the water. 

 As the first day went on we were beginning to stress a little about where we were going to stay as everyone we asked said there were no camping ground around that were open until summer kicks in. But eventually we were able to find a nice quiet camp ground nestled up high on some hills around some fruit farms. It turned out to be a great spot and we had the whole place to ourselves. The next morning we were up at the crack of 3:30am! Wanted to head back down to the beach in hopes of shooting some nice light on the rocks and if I was really lucky with Mt Fuji in the background. The morning light although not amazing was still pretty nice and made for nice soft lighting on the rocks and water so I was able to get a few alright shots. 

Peaceful morning

After we were done playing around the water we headed off to see some interesting temple kinda sticking out of the side of a cliff. Then onto see the famous giant Daibutsu Buddha stone carvings at Nihon-ji. These things are pretty damn impressive and huge to say the least!

The valley of Buddha
After wandering around here for a few hours we took our time making our way back up to Fukushima. Overall I think I could have gotten some better shots but theres always next time. 

Japans larges stone Buddha
Japans largest stone Buddha!


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