Selling my Canon 30D on Ebay. Buying a G9

Im selling my fantastic Canon 30D on Ebay now. Its one super DSLR great for professionals or amateurs. The body is in great condition free of any scratches and its just been in at Canon getting a check up and tune up. Come check out the auction here .

Seen as how Im selling one of my DSLR's I thought I better replace it with something so today I just bought myself a new toy! Its the Canon powershot G9! Its a great little (well not that little) compact camera but with many of the features of their DSLR cousins. It has the ability to shoot RAW, fully manual exposures, has a hot shoe external and off camera flash and can take some pretty nice movies as well.

Heres some more specs:
* 12.1 Megapixels (1/1.7” sensor) with RAW mode for maximum image control
* 6x optical zoom lens with optical Image Stabilizer and SR coating*
* DIGIC III and iSAPS for lightning fast response, superb image quality and advanced Noise Reduction*
* Face Detection AF/AE/FE and Red-Eye Correction in playback
* 3.0” high-resolution, PureColor LCD II with extra wide viewing angle
* ISO 1600 and Auto ISO Shift
* Compact body with dedicated ISO and Multi Control dials
* 25 shooting modes including full manual control and 2 custom settings
* Extra telephoto reach with Digital Tele-Converter and Safety Zoom*
* Hot shoe support for Canon Speedlite flashes and optional lens accessories

Now I have to go spend some time reading the manual for it. So many functions squeezed into such a small body and menu its more confusing than my Canon EOS pro camera bodies lol.


Anonymous said…
Hi Pete,
Would you happen to know the street price of an EOS 1Ds III in your city? Perhabs post a link to you local camera dealer?

Best regards
Hey Lars. You after new or 2nd hand? 2nd hand ones around 400,000yen about 4k US for a nice one. New I think they are about 5k now.

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