Shooting water drops

Recently got inspired to shoot some water drops again thanks to
I set up a little black baking tray with water, made a background to bounce light off in Photoshop then printed it out. Strapped on the 50mm with some extension tubes to allow me to get in close for some macro capability and set up my new wireless flash triggers. Ended up with some pretty cool shots but still need lots of practice. Here are just a few shots from the experiment. 

Natural patterns

The Drop

Rainbow Refractions
This shot obviously was not water dropping but a still life macro shot of a couple of tiny water drops on a CD. 

And this is my set up for shooting the water drops. 

Water drop set up shot
This shot kind of takes away the magic and mystery of the water drops but still interesting I think. Click for a larger shot with descriptions. 

As usual come see more water drop shots I did on Flickr


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