This century's longest eclipse next week!!

Hey Everyone! Im looking forward to seeing the eclipse next Wednesday the 22nd. Before I even heard about it I had already organized to take 3 days of work so that I could meet up with a fellow Flickr and Twitter photographer Yoshi-san from Iwate. Hes a pro sports photographer and we will be meeting up here in Fukushima to shoot some soccer games for a couple of days.

Its been 46 years since the last eclipse here in Japan and this will be the longest eclipse this century with the longest "black out" time being around 7 minuets in some places!
Hopefully I will be able to get some pix and will post them if they're any good.

Also went for a drift with Stu for the first time in ages the other day. Also had a play with some animals around his place (which is out in the sticks) Here's a couple of shots from that day.


Giant goat spotted me!

A little too close for comfort


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