Canon EOS 7D specs leaked!

Canon is coming out with a new prosumer body shortly, the 7D. Seems to be placed in performance between the 50D and 5D mkII. The specs are looking pretty good but as usuall have are still trying to cram way too many mega pixels onto a small AP-C size sensor. Lets just hope the noise capabilities will make it worth while. Heres some specs borrowed from

  • 18 megapixels
  • Dual DiG!C 4 imaging processors, 14-bit A/D signal conversion
  • 8 FPS (94 Large/Fine JPEGS or 15 RAW)
  • 19 points cross type AF sensors. Eight-directional double cross central AF point
  • ISO 100-6400, extends to 12800
  • 100% coverage, 1.0x optical viewfinder with intelligent display, with electronic horizon line.
  • 3.0″ LCD, 920,000 dot resolution, 160 degree viewing angle
  • New iFCL meter system using high contrast and color detection (63-zone)
  • Newly-designed streamlined body, metallic shutter sound, shutter lifespan approx. 150,000 times
  • HD movie, HDMI out, external mic input
  • EOS Integrated Dust Removal system
  • Live view with Face-priority AF
  • Auto Lighting Optimizer
  • Auto correction of lens peripheral illumination (vignetting)
  • New switch for Live View/Video mode
  • New 24mm wide-angle built-in flash supporting EOS E-TTL II

Some interesting looking features there Im looking forward to trying out. Not too sure what the advantage of having a "metallic shutter sound" would be but looking forward to having a play all the same. The price for the 7D body is said to be around $2700. A bit steep for a crop sensor body in my opinion, especially when considering you can get the 5D mkII for around the same price.
Along with the 7D will be a few new lenses announced also. A couple of new average looking efs lenses but most impressively the new 100mm f2.8L macro!


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