Its all about motion

Had the day off yesterday and the weather was nice so decided to take the 50cc scooter for a spin up the mountains to hit the onsen for a while and and to also have a play with my Canon G9 and Gorilla pod. Heres a couple of results.

Multicolored Falls This river runs for miles down the mountain from the hot spring towns and has tons of great little waterfalls along the way. The red in this shot is caused by reflections of the red rocks behind the falls. Kinda looks like a painting?

Heading up the mountain roadMounted my Gorilla Pod to the handle bars of my fun little 50cc scooter with Canon G9 attached for this shot zooming up the mountain roads. Very hard to get a good smooth shot though as it was so bumpy.

Speed through the nightFor dinner we headed out to one of the local Sushi joints for a fish fix. I was still in the mood for more motion shots so decided to try and attach Gorilla Pod to the window of the car with the Canon 5D and Sigma 15-30mm mounted on it. I kept held of the camera strap for back up and fired it via cable release. It stayed steady the whole way and didnt even look like falling off even with the heavy body, lens and big metal ball head on it.

Sushi SpeedThis was just a spur of the moment shot. I was firstly mucking around trying to shoot panning shots of the sushi at like half a second and 1 full sec exposures etc.. and got a couple of not bad ones. But then I thought it might be cool to let my 5D go along for a ride with the sushi and came up with this.


Big Kamo said…
Awesome shots- especially the sushi and scooter ones! And mostly, congrats on being a father second time over!

Just got so keep your eyes peeled for updates.
Hey thanks Kamo!! Will check out your new site bud. cheers

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