Its a girl!!

Our baby girl Jenna was born at 4:30 this morning! 3 days over due but at least the labor was quick this time (6hrs) compared to with Jet (24hrs or so?). Both Haruna and baby are doing great and are resting at the clinic for a few more days before going back to Harunas parents place to stay for a month as is Japanese tradition.

I managed to get some shots of little Jenna being born also this time. I shot with the Canon 5D and 50mm f1.4mm so there was no need for flash and could also get a nice shallow depth of field.

Now its time for a long over due nap!

More photos to come later today. 8)


Claira said…
Nawww she's gorgeous Pete! And Jet looks so cute. Can't wait to see her :)
Love Claira and Maxine.
Thanks Claira! yeah she is ey!!

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