Shooting Autumn

Been getting out as much as possible on my days off recently to try and capture some nice Autumn colours up in the mountains of Fukushima and Yamagatta prefectures. Tried this HDR panorama shot of these amazing falls just near Namekawa hot spring just over the boarder into Yamagatta prefecture. Its about an hour hike from the onsen (Hot spring) up and over a ridge down to a beautiful clear water rock river. Then you make your way up the river for about 5 minuets or so to get to the base of the falls. Its not a walk in the park to get here thats for sure.
Im always amazed at the strength of the elderly Japanese people that make an effort to make the climb to get here. Although I didnt see anyone make it all the way to the falls there were quite a few people making the climb and decent some of the way or most of the way before turning back as it gets a little tricky balancing over rocks etc.. But they are just amazing.

Low Bow

So to make the most of my time on the days off Ive been getting up around 3:30~4am to drive out to these places. Its a great change from shooting all day in the studio or at weddings etc.. Very relaxing. But I defiantly don't feel like a professional photographer as far as landscapes and nature goes yet. Still fun though!
As usual come check out more recent shots on Flickr or Smugmug.

Daylight sweeps across the plateau


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