One reason I love living in Japan!

I am always amazed when people back in Australia tell me how much it still costs to have a decent internet connection (let alone an unlimited download limit). Is it really that hard to hook everyone up with nice fast access without paying through the nose for every gigabyte you download?! Come on already we're in the age of technology aren't we?


Loz said…
actually.. yes, it is that hard.

I'm not a big fan of the high broadband prices in Oz, but the reason they are so high is that Oz is so much bigger than Japan.

It costs tens (if not hundreds) of millions of dollars to lay the cables for it all.

Japan is a lot simpler - huge population in a small area. Meaning that per metre of cable you have millions of people paying.

But in Oz, you have the opposite - huge area, tiny population.

There are over 120m people in Japan.. Australia has just over 20m... ie, the entire population of Austrlalia fits into the Tokyo + Yokohama area...

It's you basic economy of scale.
Ah good point! Yes when you put it like that I can see it has to be more expensive.

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