Another addition to our family. Canon 5D Mark II!

Recently got rid of my Canon 40D and 5D to upgrade to the 5D Mark II. Although the 40D and 5D were both great cameras it was definitely time to upgrade. So now Im lucky enough to own both my dream cameras the Canon 1D Mark III and the new Mark II. They both have different strong points but Im totally loving the low light performance of the MkII. Tried it out shooting a wedding today playing around with the ISO set to 6400 and the results were fantastic. Very usable indeed! Also the ability to crop down from the 21 mega pixels is nice also!

I bought this camera with the Canon 24-105mm f4L IS lens. Although I would have probably prefered the 2.8 version for the money this is a awesome bit of glass with a nice zoom range. Havent had a chance to play around much with its new HD video capabilities yet or even shoot much stuff for myself (only work) but perhaps on Monday (day off) when the family and I head down to Chiba to check out some houses we are looking at buying. Hopefully next week I will have some shots I can upload from the my new toy 8-)


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